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How to get a Swedish Mora Clock to work

Mora clock

Getting a Mora clock to work

A practical guide to setting up and regulating a Swedish Mora Clock. Easy to follow instructions.

The carvings and paint colours of Swedish Mora Clocks

Swedish Mora clock

Mora clock styles

The patterns on Mora clocks varied greatly. This included scenic painted patterns, chinoise style, heavily gilded patterns and those Mora clocks with ornamentations.

The styles of Mora Clocks found for sale in Sweden

Mora clocks of different designs & colours

Types of carvings on Swedish Mora clocks

Swedish Mora clocks have a wide range of carvings.

Types of antique Swedish Mora Clocks that can be bought

Selection of Mora clocks

Mora clocks that can be bought in Sweden

The different types of Mora clocks that can be brought today in the UK and USA.

Antique Swedish Mora Clocks: history and origin

Antique Swedish Mora clock in classic white

A history of the Swedish Mora clock

The origin of the Swedish Mora clock in the 18th century to today. Their styles and the regional difference between Mora clocks from different parts of Sweden.