Antique Swedish Mora Clocks: history and origin

The classic Swedish Mora Clock is unique to Sweden and is often one of the first pieces of Gustavian furniture that is purchased

These clocks have gained increasing popularity over the past several years in the US and Europe because of their unique shape and soft colours.

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The origin of the clock in Mora dates back to the early 18th century when the town of Mora was affected by several years of drought. Large numbers of people fled Mora and travelled to Stockholm where they learned new skills that included new farming techniques and clock making.

Returning to their village, these journey men applied their skills to a local craft based industry in which various families would create the case of the clock and other families would put together the clock mechanism. Once the clock was assembled it would then typically be custom painted for its end client.

During its height the families of Mora produced about 1,000 clocks per year over a 50 year period before the cottage industry died out after Sweden began importing foreign clocks from the USA and Germany. It has been estimated therefore that approximately 50,000 Mora Clock would have been made but as many as half of those, given their age, would have fallen into disrepair.

The Mora Clock is now increasingly becoming a rare and attractive collectors item. A full range of stock is exhibited at our website

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Author: Richard Roberts

Date Published: 11 October 2017


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