The styles of Mora Clocks found for sale in Sweden

Due to the Mora clock cases being ordered and painted to the owners own needs then a huge variety of styles exist for Mora clocks

Our current stock of Mora clocks shows the large range of styles that exist.

The country style Mora clock were more simple in style and typically painted in only one or two colours. In contrast Mora clocks made for wealthier persons included ornate carvings and hand painted details. Examples of both of these styles of Mora clocks can be seen in our current for sale stock of Mora clocks.

Carved detailing on Mora clocks. A variety of different carved detailing can be found on Mora clocks.  Some examples of different carvings are as follows and can be found on our website at

Swedish Mora Clocks - different colours




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Author: Richard Roberts

Date Published: 14 October 2017

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