Reproduction Mora clock - chalk white with gold flecks
Reproduction Mora clock - chalk white
Reproduction Mora clock - face - chalk white

Reproduction Mora Clock 06

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Reproduction Mora Clock in Chalk White with highlights

This is a reproduction Swedish Mora clock in traditional Mora Clock shape but with a modern battery operated movement.

The clock has been hand painted in chalk white. Other colours are available as well as a custom painted clock.

This replica Mora Clock has been painted in chalk white and has details (such as its base, the rim of the middle window, the detailing below the hood and the rim of the clock face) painted in a wood tone with the effect of gilding in parts (this is gold wax/paint to create this effect).

The face has a classic display.

The shape of this reproduction Mora clock follows that of a traditional Swedish Mora clock made in the 18th century in Sweden that have becoming iconic classics and increasingly rare.

The clock has a mechanism that is battery operated as oppose to weight driven. This means that the clock does not need winding every 7 or 8 days which is often seen as a chore. This mechanism has a pre-recorded chime.

The chime is a dual chime which means it can be switched between 2 chimes. The preset chimes are: Westminster chime (think Big Ben London) and Whittingdon chime (more of a melody). The chimes are a recording that plays through a speaker mounted to the back of the battery operated mechanism and sounds on the hour. There is a recording link to the sounds of these chimes below:

Westminster chime

Whittingdon chime


Width: 40 cm / 15.7 inches

Depth: 19 cm / 7.5 inches

Height: 180 cm / 70.8 inches



UK delivery - door to door: £90

Europe delivery - door to door: £180

US delivery (inc.crating) - door to door: £360


All of our Swedish Mora Clocks ship from the UK.

For UK customers we use a blank wrap courier company to deliver your clock.

For customers outside of the UK we will wooden crate your clock to limit the possibility of damage. This service is FREE. However we use DHL to ship these crates and these third party costs are based on the destination country and the weight of the shipment. These costs are displayed at the check-out.


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