Reproduction Mora clock hand painted blue
Reproduction Mora clock hand painted blue - face detail

Mora Clock 55

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Reproduction Mora Clock in Swedish blue

This is a reproduction Swedish Mora clock in traditional Mora Clock shape but with a modern battery operated movement.

The clock has been hand painted in blue. Other colours are available as well as a custom painted clock.

This replica Mora Clock has been painted in blue and has detailing to the curves of the clock. The face has a pleasant display. The shape of this reproduction Mora clock follows that of a traditional Swedish Mora clock made in the 18th century in Sweden that have becoming iconic classics and increasingly rare.

The clock has a mechanism that is battery operated as oppose to weight driven. This means that the clock does not need winding every 7 or 8 days which is often seen as a chore.

Width: 53 cm / 20.8 inches

Depth: 25 cm / 9.8 inches

Height: 182 cm / 71.6 inches


Delivery Costs (depending on location):

UK delivery - door to door: £90 - £120

Europe delivery - door to door: £130 - £140

US delivery (inc.crating) - door to door: £290 - £360 (~$370 / ~$460)

All of our Swedish Mora Clocks ship from the UK.

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