Mora clock from mid 18th century with folk painted patterns

Mora Clock 41

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Mora Clock with folk patterns

This antique Mora Clock has a base brown colour with folk patterns

This Mora clock has a classic Rococo style shape with a curved base, middle and head.

The clock has been beautifully painted in tones of brown and is in its original paint colours.

The body of the clock has also been painstakingly painted with floral motif and traditional Swedish folk patterns. There are signs of wear to the lower body of the clock which are consistent with the age of this clock. The flaking brown paint work at its base we would probably restore prior to shipment as this would be easy for us to do and would enhance the look of this clock without detracting for its aged charm.

It is advised that will all Mora clocks (as will all longcase clocks) that they are fixed to a wall.

The paint work shows signs of fading and is the original colours of this Mora Clock.

This clock comes with its original works, has two cast iron weights and a single pendulum. The face of this clock has been attractively detailed with roman numerals. The mechanism of this clock may need some work. It has not been fully check.


Width: 60 cm / 23.6 inches.

Depth: 22 cm / 8.6 inches.

Height: 194 cm / 76.3 inches.



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If you have any concerns on your purchase please feel free to call us on 0207 060 2680 (UK) or email us.

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