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Mora Clock 04

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Rococo 18th Century Mora Clock

Mid 18th Century antique Mora Clock with carved detailing to the base and hood. Original mechanism plus 2 cast iron weights, pendulum and winding key (all original).

This Swedish long case Mora clock is a ‘Morin’ clock. It was made by the artist and carver Sven Nilsson Morin, circa 1810. Morin was a crofter’s son (1747–1813) who carved altarpieces and painted churches throughout Småland in addition to making clock cases.

The case has a Rococo form with beautiful foliate carving at the base. Fluted crown, beaded face, carved flames on the skirt. This style is typical of Morin clocks which can be found by searching for Sven Nilsson Morin Mora clock. A limited number of these clocks were made and have been sold through auction houses (eg 1st dibs). Very few have working mechanism.

Detailed inscription on the history of this clock found inside the case.

Video of this Mora Clock working & chiming

Width: 62cm / 24.4"

Depth: 20cm / 7.9"

Height: 193cm / 76"


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