Mora clock from the 1700's in original blue paint

Mora Clock 313

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Mora clock: early 1800's in original paint

Mora clock form the early 1700's in a rococo shape with curved base. This clock has its original blue paint and has the hand painted details of the maker painted onto the body of this Mora clock. The clock has its original mechanism and weights.

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This Mora clock dates from the early 1800's and clearly displays the Rococo influence in its style. It has generous curves to the body and to the feet. The clock has been painted in a rich dark blue which is the original colour of the clock. The initials and date of the clock have been painted onto its body: 1814.

Hand carved details has been added to this clock in a beige colour. The level of detailing is especially good. The clock face has signs of wear consistent with the age of this clock and its mechanism is original.

This clock will work for 8 days before it needs to be rewound with the winding key. This key is the original key used over the generations and can be found on a peg inside the clock door.

Width: 33.7 cm / 13.5 inches

Depth: 14.1 cm / 6.4 inches

Height: 222.3 cm / 86.9 inches

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