Mora clock in original blue paint with carved detailing

Mora Clock 310

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Mora clock in blue with carving

Antique Mora clock in original blue paint with beautiful carved detailing in various paint colours. Traditional folk style floral carvings feature on the base of this Mora clock with other carvings to the middle of this clock. The clock has its original weights, pendulum and mechanism.

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The paint work on this Mora clock is original and is dated mid 18th Century. The initials of the clocksmith and town where the clock was made are on the face inside the roman numerals that have been painted around the rim of the clock.

The carvings on the clock are raised and quiet prominent. They have been painted in an array of natural colours and compliment the blue-green base colour of this clock.

The mechanism is fully workings and is original to this clock. It has an 8 day movement and a single chime on the hour. This clock is in very good condition. There are no visible defects to the wood or to the paint work on this clock. The carvings are all intact and have no suffered from any cracking or damage.

Width: 33.6 cm / 12.9 inches

Depth: 15.4 cm / 6.4 inches

Height: 217.3 cm / 84.9 inches



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