Mora clock dating from 1869 in white with painted flowers

Mora Clock 307

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Mora clock dated 1845 with painted flowers

This antique Swedish Mora clock is painted in white and has hand painted flowers painted on the body of this Mora clock. The clock has its original working mechanism which is driven by 2 weights and its pendulum.

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Mora clock dated 1845. This is the date that this clock was made in Sweden. In addition to the date the face has been marked with the clockmakers initials 'AAL' and the town 'Mora' being the town in which this clock was made.

There are a number of areas of paint flaking on this clock which are visible in the image below. These aspects are consistent with the age of the clock. The mechanism is original to this clock.

The face has roman numerals and these have been painted against a white background. The initials of the first owner have been written inside the clock. This detail can be found on the inside of the clock's door. The initials of the owner are 'AA' and the date '1845' is the same date as the front of the clock and confirms 'AA' as its first owner.

Given the state of the paint work and the dates on the clock we believe that this paint is the original paint of the clock.

This Mora clock is available for delivery internationally.


Width: 61.4 cm / 24.1 inches

Depth: 16.2 cm / 7.1 inches

Height: 224.7 cm / 87.9 inches


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