19th Century Swedish Mora clock
19th Century Swedish Mora clock - body detail
19th Century Swedish Mora clock - face detail

Mora Clock 305

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Mora clock painted powder blue

A powder blue Swedish Mora clock with rococo curves. This Mora clock has a floral hand painted pattern to its body with roman numerals to its face. The mechanism chimes on the half hour and on the hour.

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This Mora clock has been hand painted in powder blue and has floral patterns painted by hand onto the body of this clock.

The body of the clock curves in the middle and at its base. There is a glass viewing window behind which the pendulum can be seen to swing from side to side. The face has roman numerals painted onto a white background.

The mechanism is fully functioning and has been tested for 45 days without fault. It has been serviced by a clocksmith. There is a chime on thee half hour. The clock will chime its hourly chime for the number of hours at each hour.

The condition of this Mora clock is good and there is no external damage to the body of this clock or to its paintwork.

Width: 59.3 cm / 22.9 inches

Depth: 14.8 cm / 5.8 inches

Height: 226.1cm / 89.2 inches

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