1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock
1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock

Mora Clock 300

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Mora clock 18th Century cobalt blue

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This antique Swedish Mora clock has Rococo style curves and is painted in a cobalt blue with a red line detail around the body of this clock. The paint work and body of this Mora clock shows signs of age consistent with the age of this clock.

This Mora clock has its original works, two cast iron weights and pendulum.

The paint on this clock is the original paint and in parts this paint has flaked off from the clock to reveal its wooden underneath. The mechanism is original and is an 8 day movement. There is a winding key that is original to this clock. The pendulum has a large brass bob on the end of it and is the original pendulum for this clock. The thin red line around the outside of this clock is a groove that has traced around the clock and provides extra colour to this Mora clock.

The mechanism has been tested. This was by a clocksmith who tested it for 7 days and found it to run smoothly without fault and on time.

Width: 59.6 cm / 23.7 inches

Depth: 14.8 cm / 5.7 inches

Height: 226.2 cm / 88.7 inches

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