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Mora Clock 298

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Mora clock with male design

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This is a male style Mora clock and is characterised by the straight lines of the bodywork. This clock is in its original wood finish with hand painted floral/fern motif details.

This Mora clock has its original works, a pendulum and 2 weights.

The clock is date 1790 and this has been painted on the front of the clock as 'Anno 1790'. There are floral paint detailing in the middle and lower base of the clock which have been 'framed' around with carved wood on the painted darker base.

The face of this clock has only one hand - the hour hand - and would be have been used to 'roughly' tell the time. This was typical in places (generally rural places in Sweden) where it was not necessarily important to know the actual minutes of the day only roughly the hours. The clock still requires a winding handle and we have the original winding handle for this clock which ships with the clock on purchase.

The straight edges of this clock gives this Mora clock its 'make' characteristics as distinct from the 'female' clock which has curves.

Width: 59.6 cm / 23.4 inches

Depth: 15.4 cm / 5.8 inches

Height: 224.8 cm / 88.7 inches


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