1900's Mora Clock - 1900's Mora Clock
1900's Mora Clock - 1900's Mora Clock
1900's Mora Clock - 1900's Mora Clock
1900's Mora Clock - 1900's Mora Clock

Mora Clock 291

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Mora Clock in cream and gold 1900's

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This Swedish Mora clock features a traditional style mechanism.

This mechanism has been made by Exacta of Sweden. It is a traditional longcase mechanism of 2 weights and a pendulum. The right weight drives the pendulum whilst the left weight is for the chime.

There is no winding key with this clock (unlike much older Mora clocks) and the weights are raised by pulling downwards on the spare chains in the center of the clock. These are visible and can be reached through the middle door of the clock.

The clock chimes on the half hour and also chimes on the hour for the appropriate hour ie 2 o'clock is 2 chimes. It is a double hammer on 2 bells and so produces a chime of slightly different resonance.

The clock paint colour cream and has carved detailing in a gold colour. The carved detailing on this clock is very good and the height of this clock is shorter than other standard Mora clocks and therefore would suit a room where ceiling height is potentially an issue.

The body of this clock is in very good condition.

This clock has its original works, two weights and pendulum.


Width: 60.5 cm / 23.6 inches

Depth: 14.3 cm / 5.8 inches

Height: 189.7 cm / 74.4 inches



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