1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock
1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock
1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock
1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock

Mora Clock 281

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Cream Mora clock with gold detailing

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Antique Swedish Mora Clock from the late 18th Century painted in its original cream colour. This clock has gold detailing to aspects of the clock that include the carved crown and the ridge below the hood of the clock.

Intricate floral details have been painted onto the body of this clock (see image below) and there are floral details painted onto the front of the base of the clock as well.

The face of the clock has arabic numerals around the rim of the face and 2 holes into which thee winding key is inserted into order to winding the clock for its pendulum and separately for its chime. The mechanism is fully functional having been serviced in the last 6 months. This clock is in good condition although there is a wood split in the lower base of the clock which is consistent with the age of this clock. The inner panel of the door bears the initials of the first owner of this Mora clock. It was a tradition in Sweden when Mora clocks were passed down from generation to generation for the owners to place their names on the inside door of the clock.

This Mora Clock has its original works, two cast iron weights and pendulum.

Width: 34.8 cm / 13.1 inches

Depth: 13.7 cm / 6.7 inches

Height: 204.4 cm / 82.3 inches.

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