1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock
1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock
1800's Mora Clocks - 1800's Mora Clock

Mora Clock 280

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Folk style Mora Clock

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This folk style Mora clock was made in the late 18th Century and has hand painted Swedish folk patterns on the body of the clock. These patterns are floral designs and were popular in Sweden in the 18th Century.

The clock stands on its 4 feet which have been carved from the base of the clock and the clock has a central viewing window with glass.

The top of the hood is flat and has elaborate painted details (please see the image below for the clock hood). The numerals for the face have been beautifully painted onto the face and the hand-made hands also have interesting aspects.

The mechanism is a 7 to 8 day movement. It is complete with its original pendulum and 2 weights. The larger of the weights attaches to the pulley that drives the pendulum, whilst the lighter weight is used for the striking mechanism. If the chime is to be deactivated then this can be done by removing the weight for the chiming side of the mechanism.


This Mora Clock has its original works, two cast iron weights and pendulum.

Width: 34.4 cm / 13.4 inches

Depth: 14.7 cm / 6.4 inches

Height: 203.9 cm / 80.3 inches.

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