Turquoise Mora clock with painted flowers
Face of turquoise Mora clock with painted flowers
Side of turquoise Mora clock with painted flowers
Mechanism of turquoise Mora clock with painted flowers

Mora Clock 276

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Blue painted floral Mora Clock

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A turquoise painted Mora clock from Sweden with hand painted flowers in an array of different colours.

This Mora clock has its own original mechanism and its pendulum. There are also two weights with this clock.

The floral detail on this clock has been very carefully painted and blends well with the main green colour. The clock is fairly tall and has a curved base instead of a flat base. This adds to the overall curvy shape of this clock.

The face of the clock has arabic numerals and the mechanism is fully functioning having been serviced in the past 14 days. There is a double chime for this clock which happens when the two separate hammers strike their own separate bells inside the mechanism. The effect of this is produce a harmonious 'ting' 'tang' sound for the hourly chimes.

The condition of this clock is good though there are signs of wear to the paint work consistent with the age of this clock. This clock was made in the mid 18th Century. The paint work on this clock is original.

Width: 33.1 cm / 12.2  inches

Depth: 14.7 cm / 5.7 inches

Height: 202.3cm / 79.3 inches


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