Male Swedish Mora clock in cream and gold
Face of male Swedish Mora clock in cream and gold
Inner workings of male Swedish Mora clock in cream and gold

Mora Clock 270

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Mora Clock in white and gold

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This is a male Swedish Mora clock in a cream painted colour with additional details highlighted in gold.

Additionally there are scenic patterns that have been hand painted onto the body of this Mora clock.

The face has a painted crown as oppose to a carved crown as the hood of this clock is square and in keeping with the 'male' style of clock as oppose to a female rounded Mora clock hood.

The body of this clock is also straight and is unlike the curved shape of the Mora clock. The similarity is that both styles of clocks have a middle door on hinges which opens to allow for both weights to be attached to their respective pulleys. The weight on the right (facing the clock) attached to the pendulum mechanism side whilst the one for the left goes to the striking or chiming side of the clock.

As is the case with all longcase clocks this clock has an 8 day movement and should be wound every 8 days to keep the pendulum swinging and the clock chiming.


Width: 33.1 cm / 13.2 inches

Depth: 14.9 cm / 6.2 inches

Height: 203.3cm / 81.6 inches

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