Rare brown cuckoo Mora clock
Rare brown cuckoo Mora clock - cuckoo hood
Rare brown cuckoo Mora clock with cuckoo mechanism

Mora Clock 267

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Mora Cuckoo Clock

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There is probably only one of these in the world! A brown Swedish Mora cuckoo clock.

This Mora clock features a opening hatch at the top of the clock from which a small bird open on the hourly chimes of the clock. The mechanism is in working order. Very rare and unusual.

In addition to the complications of design for the mechanism to accomodate the cuckoo feature the clock also has a third hand to indicate the days of the month. This clock was made by one of the leading clockmakers in Sweden at the time: Peer Hjoem of Lomarp wh was a clockmaker to royalty in Sweden. This particular clock was probably a clock of fancy rather than the more serious clocks he previously made.

The clock has an 8 day movement and should be wound every 7 days. There is a double chime with 2 hammers and 2 bells. This clock is in full working condition and was serviced in the last 4 months. The winding key for this clock is original and is sent with the clock n purchase.

Width: 31.7 cm / 13.2 inches

Depth: 15.2 cm / 6.2 inches

Height: 203.7 cm / 80.1 inches.


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