Mora clock in grey with unusual carvings
Mora clock in grey with unusual carvings - side view
Mora clock in grey with unusual carvings - workings and Mora clock pendulum

Mora Clock 263

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Rare Mora Clock with carvings

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A Swedish Mora Clock with unusual carvings and shape. This has been painted in its original grey and features a carved crown. This Mora clock has its workings-mechanism and has a pendulum and weights (2). The Mora clock has a viewing window in its center.

The shape of this clock is highly unusual. The curved base is typical of the Swedish Mora clock however the middle point has a greater width than would be usual. We believe this is to allow for an extended pitch for the pendulum bob ie so that the bob can swing further out to the right and the left than would be the case with the current 'neck' of this clock. In other words because the neck is narrow (which is when the pendulum rod passes down) then the base of this neck must extend outwards to accomodate the angle of the pendulum bob. The alternative to this would be for a curved shape at this point (which is in fact what the typical Mora clock would have). We believe this design resulted from the original owner wanting a clock with a narrow neck and the extended shape therefore be a requirement because of this first step of the design.

Width: 34.1 cm / 17 inches

Depth: 13.8cm / 7.8 inches

Height: 199.4cm / 83.6 inches

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