Swedish Mora clock with crescent in white

Mora Clock 262

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White Mora Clock from 1800's

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White painted Mora Clock with an unusual crescent shape in the center of the Mora Clock's body.

The face of this clock has arabic numbers.The base of this clock is flat and the middle has a wide 'belly'. The crescent shape is the viewing window through which the swinging pendulum can be seen. This pendulum has a large shiny brass bob on its end and is clearly visible.

The clock movement runs on a typical 8 day movement which is standard for longcase clocks. The pendulum beats to the second ie the pendulum will swing each second in order to keep time. The clock is regulated with the pendulum and if it is running fast then the pendulum beat should be slowed down by lowering the pendulum bob. Likewise of the clock is slow then the beat needs to speed up by raising the bob. Lowering or raising the bob changed the center of gravity of the pendulum and thereby affects the speed at which it moves.

This Mora Clock comes with its own mechanism and additionally has its weights and a pendulum which are all original to the clock.

The clock is from the mid 18th century from Sweden's Mora region.


Width: 33.2 cm / 14.4 inches

Depth: 15.7 cm / 6.9 inches

Height: 198.8 cm / 78.4 inches

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