Swedish Mora Clock
Mora clocks for sale - hand painted detailing on face - dated 1751
Mora clocks for sale - hand painted detailing on body - dated 1751

Mora Clock 24

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Mora Clock with delicate painted detailing

This Mora Clock has delicate painted detailing and a scenic pattern to its base

The clock has been hand painted with its date: '1751' and the door panel has beautifully painted scrolls. There is a delicate scenic pattern that has been painted on the base of the clock. The paint work is original to this clock and shows some signs of age which are consistent with the age of this clock.

This clock has a classic longcase Mora clock mechanism and its orginal 2 weights, pendulum and winding key.

The height of this clock is 192cm or 75.6 inches.


Width: 44 cm / 17.3 inches.

Depth: 20 cm / 7.9 inches.

Height: 192 cm / 75.6 inches.


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