Mora clock mid 18th century painted flowers - front
Mora clock mid 18th century painted flowers - body detail
Mora clock mid 18th century painted flowers - side detail
Mora clock mid 18th century painted flowers - back detail

Mora Clock 05-2

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Antique Mora Clock from the early 18th century with floral details

Mora clock with hand painted floral details

There are painted floral details to the lower body and also the middle body: both above and below the viewing window. The painting details are very accurate and have been skillfully painted on the body of this Mora clock.

A hand carved crown that has been painted in gold sits on top of the hood.

The face has an unusual design with both minute and hours on the outside rim and the inside has a sun burst pattern and a rare arm to count seconds.
The bodywork of this clock is in good condition though there are signs of wear consistent with the age of this clock.


Width: 72 cm / 28.3 inches

Depth: 26 cm / 10.2 inches

Height: 212 cm / 83.5 inches

Chime video

Pendulum counter on face



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