Swedish Mora clock in original light blue
Mora clock face in original light blue
Mora clock side in original light blue
Swedish Mora clock: back detail

Mora Clock 05 Royal Clocksmith

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Original light blue Clock - very rare - by Royal Clocksmith

This antique clock is dated from the 17th/18th Century and is in its original light blue paint colour.

This clock has beautiful face detail (please see the photo) and comes with its original mechanism. This clock is a 'male' version due to its characteristic straight shape. This is in contrast to 'female' clocks which have a slim waist and curvy body.


We believe the mechanism of this clock may have originally been made in Scotland and the clock was then transported to Sweden. The clock bears the name of the clocksmith 'Russell' and Falkirk (which we believe is the town the clock was made in).

This being the case then the clock was made by John Russell who died in 1817 at the age of 72. During his time he was the leading clockmaker in Falkirk. He has been described as 'something of a genius' when it came to clockwork mechanisms. He made the world's first ever 'organ clock' (a clock inside an organ which played a tune every 2 hours). Following that he then made a chamber barrel organ clock which was capable of playing 24 different tunes.

His reputation for skills as a clocksmith spread and he was appointed by the later King George IV as the 'Watchmaker for Scotland'. In return he presented the King with a barometer which 'was a prize to be prized indeed, because it was acknowledged that no other watch and clockmaker in the country could match the skill and accuracy of Russell's work'.

He also made a watch for the Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales from his premises, which he had moved into in 1798, which was highly unusual as it beat in seconds.

This clock has a second counter.

Russell also made clocks and barometers for overseas Royalty and prior to his death. He was commissioned by the Russian Czar, His Imperial Majesty Alexander of Russia, to complete a Royal barometer which was presented to the Czar in 1817.


Width: 30 cm / 11.8 inches

Depth: 15cm / 6.0 inches

Height: 233 cm /91.7 inches



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