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Antique Swedish Mora Clock with folk patterns.

This Mora clock is painted in its natural colours and is typical of the classic style of Swedish Mora clock from the 18th century and dates from around 1800's.

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The style of this clock has been described as 'Swedish folk' and is a hand painted style of repeat patterns and floral type designs in a rich array of earthy colours. This style was typical of Mora clocks in the rural areas of Sweden (as distinct from those clocks destined for owners in the cities or towns of Sweden). This style is very popular with collectors of clocks.

The face of the clock has hand painted arabic numerals and the clock dates from the early part of the 18th century.

This clock has its original works, two cast iron weights and pendulum. The mechanism has 2 bells and on stricking the hour produces a 'ting-tang' sound when the hammer strikes each separate bell. The clock strikes the bells for the number of hours - 3 O'clock is 3 strikes for example though the strike can be 'turned-off' by removing the weight so that the clock lies silent on the hours.


Width: 33.8 cm / 12.9 inches

Depth: 14.1 cm / 5.8 inches

Height: 206 cm / 79.9 inches




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