Grey Mora Clock from 1900's - paint detail
Body of 1900's grey Mora Clock
Mora Clock 56-1
Mora Clock 56-1
Mora Clock 56-1
Mora Clock 56-1

Mora Clock 56-1

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Grey painted Swedish Mora clock

This Swedish Mora clock was made in the 1900's and features a traditional style mechanism which chimes on the half hour and hour. The clock paint colour is grey and the body of this clock is in very good condition.

The base of the clock has a lattice pattern and the hood of this Mora clock has a carved crown in grey. The mechanism of this clock has been well maintained and is also in good condition.

The style of this clock is of a 'male' Mora clock and this is characterised by the straight edges to this clock rather than the curved shape associated with traditional 'female' clocks.

This clock has its original works, two weights and pendulum. The mechanism operates to wind the clock by pulling gently down on the spare chain of the clock inside the body of the clock (access is via the door in the center of the clock). This will 'wind' the clock and raise the weights of the clock. The clock has an 8 day movement and therefore should be wound every 8th day for it to function properly.


Width: 60 cm / 23.6 inches.

Depth: 15cm / 6 inches.

Height: 187 cm / 73.6 inches.




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