Blue Mora Clock with carving
Body and face of blue Mora Clock with carving
Carving detail on blue Mora Clock with carving

Mora Clock 223

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Mora clock dated 1835

This antique Mora Clock has been scrapped back to its original blue colour. The clock is dated 1835 and is marked with the makers initials 'MOSI, MORA'

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The paint work shows signs of fading and is the original colours of this Mora Clock. This is the original scrapped back blue paint and the carved details to the central viewing window and crown are original. These are in a natural ochre colour.

This clock has its original works, two cast iron weights and pendulum. The clock operates on an 8 day cycle and should be wound every 8 days. The base of the clock is flat but the overall shape of the clock with its curves is typical of the style of clocks from this era. The carved detailing to the crown is unusual in its design. The side of the hood has the name of the clocksmith carved into its side with the village 'Mora' (which gave its name to this style of clock) and the date it was made, being 1835. It is quite rare to find these details carved on the side of the clock hood.

Width: 34 cm / 13.4 inches

Depth: 15cm / 6 inches

Height: 205cm / 80.7 inches



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