Painted floral mora clock - floral details

Mora Clock 207

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Mora Clock with painted floral details

This Mora Clock has cream painted colour with gold detailing and floral paint details on the base and body of this clock. The floral detail is multi-coloured and the hood has a small crown.

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The base of the clock has an intricate array of painted flowers: in reds, purples, blues and greens. This pattern of floral painting is repeated below and above the glass viewing window.

Below the hood of the clock there is hand carved detailing of scrolling which has been hand painted in gold and adds an extra touch of styling to the clock.

The face of this clock has a delightful array of painted roman numerals which are evenly spaced around the face of the clock.

The inner workings of this clock are original to this clock with a bell struck chime on the hour for the number of hours. The original cast iron weights (there are 2 weights) complete this clock with its pendulum and original winding handle.

This clock dates from around the mid 1800's and from the paint detailing suggests it was destined for a wealthy Swedish family.


Width: 33.9 cm / 13.2 inches.

Depth: 14.9 cm / 5.9 inches.

Height: 217cm / 85.4 inches.




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