18th Century black floral painted Mora clock
18th Century black floral painted Mora clock - face details
18th Century black floral painted Mora clock - top of clock
18th Century black floral painted Mora clock - full clock details

Mora Clock 202

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Mora Clock with painted florals

This antique Swedish Mora clock has Rococo style curves and carved detailing. The clock paint colour is black with carefully painted floral details in red and other colours. This Mora clock has its original mechanism.

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This clock is tall at 224cm (87.7 inches) and hails from Northern Sweden where the Mora clocks were characteristically tall. By contrast clocks from the South of Sweden tended to be 'rounder' with extended bellies in the middle of the clock. This clock has a carved crown at the top of its hood which has been painted in a matt black finish.

The face of the clock has arabic numerals which have been carefully painted onto its face. Furthermore the clockmaker has marked the face with his initials and has thereby personalised the clock.

The middle of the clock features a glass viewing window which is round and through you can watch the pendulum swing from left to right and back whilst the clock keeps time.

There is a gold rim around the face of the clock and additionally the clock has a carved crown/pediment. The face of this Mora clock has arabic numerals.


Width: 61 cm / 24.5 inches.

Depth: 14.7 cm / 5.8 inches.

Height: 224cm / 87.7 inches.


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